CASIO ONO is an Australian creative who is currently based in Berlin. His work incorporates costume, crotchet, performance, installation and sound to draw the viewer into a unique and alien landscape that he believes is as real as the world that has been created around us. CASIO is inspired by the idea of creating a unique and alien landscape unlike the one we inhabit. Through the use of colour, sound and movement CASIO brings his crotchet “creatures” to life to counteract a world consumed by beige.

CASIO's co-collaborator and muse, ANTO CHRIST has been working with him since 2007. In 2011 their collaborative work for the exhibition "Resurrection Outside the Realm of the Natural World" cemented the duo’s concept of an alternative reality outside of the one we inhabit. CASIO and ANTO also work outside their artistic practice, organising a global annual event called The Colour Parade. It is a day for a diverse range of characters to come together, dress up and challenge the mundanity that exists in everyday life. It is an annual event that has taken place in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia as well as Berlin (as of 2013).